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Exselo Desktop released

March 31, 2015

With the release of Exselo Desktop, we are excited to present our first product that gives a small glimpse of our visions and ideas for Desktop and Outlook Search.

Exselo has made an early release of Exselo Desktop available for the public. This is to give all users a chance to influence the direction of the product from the very beginning. Using publicly available community forums, the staff at Exselo and the users can communicate on topics like new features and functionality improvements, the look and feel of the product and get support if needed.

" Releasing Exselo Desktop at such an early stage means that the product will have somewhat limited functionality and not a fully polished look, but we really want to give our users a direct saying in how the product should evolve. In this way we provide them with both a helpful tool for finding information as well as an opportunity to shape it to best fit their needs in the future. ", says Stefan Sveen at Exselo.

With the first release of Exselo Desktop available to the public, Exselo has already started working on the next version of the product. This version will take into account early customer feedback as well as introducing features not seen by similar products in the market. Exselo is confident that Exselo Desktop will help our customers be more effective when working with their information.

Download the product and see for yourself!