Exselo founded

February 25, 2014

A new player in the market of Business Productivity emerges.

On February 24 2014, Stefan Sveen founded the company Exselo AS to execute on his vision on how to help people, companies and organizations to perform work in a different and significantly more effective way using search technology as a key ingredient in business solutions. " There are other companies out there trying to deliver products and solutions in this space, but they are doing it wrong ". Sveen is convinced that his take on this complex topic, involving a plethora of technologies, information management concepts and tools as well as business processes, will create a new standard in the market for how Business Productivity tools are expected to perform and support ongoing business.

With more than 15 years of experience as a technology professional, Sveen has worked with some of the world's largest companies and government agencies delivering services related to information management, enterprise architecture and search technology. Having served as a consultant, product developer, pre-sales resource, manager and executive he has through this work developed a strength for seeing how technology can and should be used to solve business needs." I put my pride into giving advice and deliver solutions that are visionary and business focused, but at the same time possible to implement in a structured and controlled way where benefits can be harvested in the process ".

When asked about what motivates him, Sveen explains: " I am passionate about how search technology can be used to build world class business solutions and products! I love to work together with ambitious customers matching their domain knowledge and business needs with the possibilities offered by state of the art technology and related methodology and knowledge. If we in the same process together can make the world a better place, then I am happy! "

After many years of experience from projects delivering search-driven and SOA-based business solutions that efficiently allow for future changes in technology and business model, it is now the time to put the best-practice principles learned into a range of products and this is what Exselo is all about. We are all looking forward to an interesting and exciting journey with Exselo!