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Size does matter

April 20, 2015

The latest update of Exselo Desktop gives better search results to our users by being able to handle files of unlimited size. Whatever the size of the file your computer throws at Exselo Desktop; the contents within it will be fully indexed and findable.

Exselo Desktop is now addressing the pain of handling large data files as reported to us by our users. " An often seen approach is to index just the beginning of a file. We are bringing to the table a feature not currently seen in the desktop search market. Exselo Desktop will now index all information from any size file. This makes sure that also the last words in a document are findable and we get a better recall value for the users ", says Morten Pedersen at Exselo. The recall value measures how well a search finds every possible document that could be of interest to the searcher.

Along with the unlimited sized file handling, the latest update of Exselo Desktop makes it easier for the users to communicate with Exselo. In the application, the users now have the option to send operational logs to Exselo. This enables Exselo to resolve any issues quickly.

In addition to the features described, this update also includes some bug and stability fixes. The memory usage has been reduced and document indexing and searching is even faster.

Download the product and see for yourself!