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Summer release of Exselo Desktop is out

June 26, 2015

This release introduces enterprise license support to make it easy for companies to install and maintain Exselo Desktop throughout their organization.

While the primary concern of Exselo is to help users find information from their data, this release also makes it easier to do companywide rollout of the product.

" We have had some questions from our customers on how to install Exselo Desktop fast and efficiently throughout their organization. With this release, we are offering the option to use an enterprise license, which makes it possible to install Exselo Desktop silently without the need of user registration or logon when used. Just register your company in the Customer Portal after you have signed up as a user, purchase the enterprise license and we will then provide both license and documentation to you. ", says Morten Pedersen at Exselo.

This summer release of Exselo Desktop also introduces a brand new feature; saving of queries for later use. An example is to create a query that shows you specified emails from a person sorted by date. Clicking on this saved query in the future, will then give you a result based on future indexed data and date. This feature makes it even faster to find much sought after data.

If you have not tried it out yet, download and try out Exselo Desktop for free here!