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Exselo introduces strongly encrypted peer-to-peer sharing network

Exselo is proud to announce the release of Exselo Desktop, a unique software product addressing the needs for efficient information access, secure communication and productive collaboration within and between organizations. By combining state of the art search technology, encryption technology and peer-to-peer technology, users can create personal and secure networks to access new sources of information not available through any other service or product in the market.

Oslo, Norway - February 2, 2016

With the release of its Exselo Desktop product, Norwegian startup Exselo takes the next step towards solving some of the most critical challenges in the search, communication and collaboration space.

"With Exselo Desktop we have a truly unique product that can change the way people work. I am thrilled to see our vision come to life and I am convinced that our new take on search and collaboration will both excite and increase the efficiency of information-driven businesses", says Exselo CEO Stefan Sveen.

Available for immediate download from, the latest version of Exselo Desktop lets users securely send messages to each other and share, search and explore data on each other’s devices. By using peer-to-peer technology and strong personalized encryption, the product authenticates devices and users, protects the communication against prying eyes in the network and eliminates privacy concerns regarding information sent via or stored on third party servers and services.

The use of social media, mobile devices and cloud services encourage sharing and collaboration, but still there are challenges related to data privacy, ownership and security. The recurring problem of effectively finding information that is relevant when needed remains unsolved in most organizations and the challenge seems to be growing in spite of promising big data technologies. The increasing complexity of business, as well as the number of sources and vast volume of information to consider before making a decision, is a call for a tool that can unleash the untapped potential of each employee. Exselo Desktop aims to be this tool.

About Exselo

Exselo, founded in 2014 and operating out of Oslo, Norway, is a startup company creating the next generation business productivity platform. Our vision is to provide people and businesses with the tools needed to work more effectively, without losing control over data or compromising on safety.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Sveen, CEO
Phone: +47 98 01 83 17