Frequently Asked Questions

What our users often would like to know


Exselo Desktop requires a minimum of Oracle Java Runtime Environment 8 and Microsoft .NET 4.5 to be able to run on your Microsoft Windows computer. Exselo Desktop will automatically detect and give you a warning if you need to install these two programs on your computer. Please note that these two programs require administrative rights for installation on your computer. We recommend however that you use the newest versions available for both Java and .NET for both performance and security reasons. See and for more information on installing these programs.


When installing Exselo Desktop for the first time, Exselo Desktop will start processing your files and mail items (Microsoft Windows only). This will initially take some time, based upon how many files and mail items you have. This process will run in the background of your computer, and only use available spare capacity of your computer. When you add, delete, move and change new files and mail items, Exselo Desktop will process these items in the background for you. You can choose the the performance level for Exselo Desktop under Settings in the Menu, to find a level that suits you.

If you are using a Microsoft Windows computer, you need to reinstall Java version 8 or newer to make Exselo Desktop work again.

Make sure that you have verified your email address when you registered. Verification is done through the link in the email sent to you from Exselo. If there is some time since you got that email, you can re-register with the same email address again. Also make sure you are using the correct password. If your are unsure of your password, press the Reset password link on the logon screen to get a temporary password to logon.

For Microsoft Windows computers, verify that the pre-requisites of Oracle Java and Microsoft .NET are fulfilled. Check that you have available disk space where your user account data resides. Check that you do not have any antimalware systems or similar installed that hinder the Exselo Desktop installation or operations. Use the Exselo Public Forum to look for an answer, or post a question for us or others to answer. Lastly, try to download the latest release of Exselo Desktop and do a re-installation.

Exselo Desktop will automatically detect and give you a notice if there is a newer version available. To "force" a detection of a new Exselo Desktop version if you have turned of automatic updates, you can temporarily enable this under Settings, exit the Exselo Desktop application and start it again manually.

Exselo Desktop and the Exselo Desktop Outlook Add-in supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010 and upwards for the Windows operating system.


Using Refiners

Open the Time Period Refiner on the right hand side in Exselo Desktop. Drag the bullets on the bars to the months you want the search result to apply for.


Exselo Desktop supports many known and used document formats. In the case of an unsupported document format and you have a commercial license, you can contact Exselo Support with a request for Exselo to support that format. Also verify under Settings - Sources that you have told Exselo Desktop to index the folder(s) where those documents resides.


Yes! Exselo Desktop saves its index of your data on your own local computer. Exselo Desktop does not by itself send or disclose any information about your files and Outlook data to Exselo or third parties and respects your existing security regime.

License and Payment


No. You don't have to! Exselo Desktop is by default installed with a Free License, which can be used for free as long as you want. You may purchase a Professional License to enable more advanced functionality and you may purchase an Enterprise License if you have an organization where multiple users are to install and use Exselo Desktop.

When purchasing an enterprise license, you will get both the license and documentation on how to install Exselo Desktop using this license. In short, the enterprise license enables you to install Exselo Desktop automatically throughout your organization using software deployment systems like SCCM and WSUS. An enterprise license may also remove the user login requirement when starting Exselo Desktop by using SSO-functionality.