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Exselo Desktop Version 2.4 Released

With the 2.4 release of Exselo Desktop, Exselo is increasing the performance and value of its desktop search product and preparing the ground for new and exciting products in the near future!

New Exselo Release Set to Disrupt Desktop Search

Raising the bar for everyone delivering desktop search as a product, Exselo with its 2.3 release of Exselo Desktop gives you the best experience in finding and showcasing information in any of your files.

Exselo Makes the Front Page of Computerworld

Read the story about Exselo and Exselo Desktop in the latest edition of Computerworld Norway.

Exselo Desktop Mac Beta Released

We are thrilled to make Exselo Desktop Mac Beta available for users of Apple Mac OS X computers, further expanding the reach of the Exselo Desktop Information Network.

Exselo introduces encrypted P2P sharing network

Exselo is proud to announce the release of Exselo Desktop, a unique software product addressing the needs for efficient information access, secure communication and productive collaboration within and between organizations.

Exselo Introduces New Information Sharing Network

Exselo starts the year of 2016 by introducing unique capabilities that allow users to collaborate, search and share data in real time using encrypted peer-to-peer technology.

Merry Christmas from Exselo

We at Exselo wish all our customers and users a merry Christmas, with a sneak peek of what 2016 will bring from us.

Exselo Desktop Beta for Mac

Sign up to be part of the beta program for Exselo Desktop for Mac OS X.


Many systems to search kills efficiency

External article in Norwegian describing the chaos and waste of time that occurs when organizations have multiple systems where to find information.

Time Thieves

External article in Norwegian presenting the results of a survey where one conclusion is that 50% of the employees uses about 30 minutes every day to search for relevant information.

From Cub to Tiger

This article describes how our desktop search product, Exselo Desktop, can improve your working day and help you develop into a full-grown tiger at your workplace.

Desktop search in 2015

What are the many advantages of choosing a desktop search product to help businesses become more effective? An in-depth review of desktop search as a product.

Appreciate and Welcome Change

Let us discuss Change. Change is nothing to be afraid of, rather it is as an opportunity that can help you grow your business.

Handle the Information Tsunami

Some of the challenges many companies and persons experience when data and information piles up and becomes unhandable?